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Blogger : 9 killer ways to start writing your first Blog post on blogger Blog [updated]

A s a blogger whether you a pro or just starting out creating a post is the most essential part of your journey. By the way , if you are just starting out and you don't know which blogging platform to go for check out 4 Best blogging platform in 2020 As a blogger if you are writing great content your readers will appreciate your work and that is an ideal way to get recognize digitally. and I just happen to know   9 killer ways to start writing your first blog post . In this post  I choose to use the Blogger platform (a popular blogging platform and one of the most appreciated out there) so let's dive right in. First login to your blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to post from the dropdown menu on the top left  click on post ,so that will bring up all the recently post you publish since from the beginning in blogger dashboard. then click  the plus button at the bottom right, and that will bring up the post editor as shown below. so let start with our steps. 1 .Blog

Blogger comments : 5 best simplest way to Enable comments in Blogger Blog [blogging-Tips]

  Engaging- Your-Audience-Through-Comments As a Blogger you have to know that  Comments play an important role in the Field of Blogging , frankly you can't run a successful blog without knowing what your readers are interested in , or even know if you're targeting  the right audience .  it's quite a melancholy how you study, research and publish your post but no one was there in the  comment box to appreciate your work , like no one cares  it actually the feeling you get when you're broke , i don't know if u have had such experience but it's quite the instance. so I have decided to write about this 5 best simplest way  to enable comments in your blog and in this post we are using the Blogger platform so if you have a blogger blog then this is for you . 1. First login to your blogger account and on the dashboard click settings Blogger-comments-settings 2. Scroll down to the comment section and follow the following step's. 3. Comment locations Comment location