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Engaging- Your-Audience-Through-Comments

As a Blogger you have to know that  Comments play an important role in the Field of Blogging , frankly you can't run a successful blog without knowing what your readers are interested in , or even know if you're targeting  the right audience . 

it's quite a melancholy how you study, research and publish your post but no one was there in the  comment box to appreciate your work , like no one cares  it actually the feeling you get when you're broke , i don't know if u have had such experience but it's quite the instance.

so I have decided to write about this 5 best simplest way  to enable comments in your blog and in this post we are using the Blogger platform so if you have a blogger blog then this is for you .

1. First login to your blogger account and on the dashboard click settings
blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog .

2. Scroll down to the comment section and follow the following step's.
blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog .

3. Comment locations

Comment location is just the destination you want to place your comment box for readers to comment and the general conception is to add it in an embedded format in blogger posts that way it will be embedded below every post you make given your readers the ability to say their minds after reading your post. and believe me that is where everyone would expect a comment box.

4. Who can comment.
it's really important to control who can comment on your blog, Blogger has this option that just does  that it allows to choose from the drop down list of options which are 
 a. Anyone with Google account if the user already signed in to his google account on the browser he will see his name clearly written and it says " comment as YourName " in the options .
b. comment as anonymous this let the user commenting while completely feigning anonymity and as a blogger who wants to gather real audience you don't wan that so it's wise if you keep that unchecked.

5. Comment moderation
Blogger also offer comment moderations after controlling who can comment on your blog this is an added advantage as it let you moderate users comment just before it's been publicly posted on your blog so that way you can avoid negative commenting , delete comments you don't want to go public.

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so that's it for today guys  hopefully you enjoyed it and it worked just fine on your side , please let me know in the comment below how it goes.....
can't wait to hear from you .


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