Blogger : 9 killer ways to start writing your first Blog post on blogger Blog [updated]

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As a blogger whether you a pro or just starting out creating a post is the most essential part of your journey.
By the way , if you are just starting out and you don't know which blogging platform to go for check out 4 Best blogging platform in 2020
As a blogger if you are writing great content your readers will appreciate your work and that is an ideal way to get recognize digitally.
and I just happen to know   9 killer ways to start writing your first blog post .

In this post  I choose to use the Blogger platform (a popular blogging platform and one of the most appreciated out there) so let's dive right in.

First login to your blogger dashboard and select the blog you want to post from the dropdown menu on the top left 
blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog .

click on post ,so that will bring up all the recently post you publish since from the beginning in blogger dashboard.

then click  the plus button at the bottom right, and that will bring up the post editor as shown below.
blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog .

so let start with our steps.
1.Blog Post Titles.
Post titles are basically the headline of your post, it important to write titles that are emotionally intriguing for better SEO  like in this example  I used "56 AMAZINGLY STATUS UPDATER'S " as the  title  , it's very intriguing that I think this would do well in Google search rankings .

2.   Bold text in blog post
 bold text naturally indicate something that needed users attention so use them wisely

3. Italics text in blog post
As many others blogger also have italics to Style your text your way.

4. Underlined text in blog post
underline any text that is worth underlining.

5. Blog Post Body 
This is where you write all the content of  your post along with the lots of tools at the top to help you write professionally.

6. Links in a blog post
links are very important it help you direct readers to related topics on the post or link to an external website for reference purposes when adding links highlight any text and click on the link button as shown above and a dialogue box will pop-up to paste in your desired link.

7. Images in blog post
upload any image from your google account or upload directly from your computer and add a caption.
Adding images needs a special consideration and there are rules governing adding images check out how to add images for better understanding of how images work on blog and blogger blog .

8. Embedding Html in your blog post.
this could be useful if  have a basic knowledge of  web development and as a matter of fact I recommended anyone blogging to know the basics of web development , for the simple that there are configurations that the platform you are using would not provide except you know html that you will be able to make your way out of it and that's where web development skills come into play.

9. Saving your blog post.
after you finish editing your post try saving it but this will not publish it but rather as a draft  on your blogger dashboard so you can proof read before publishing but if your are confident that your work is perfectly fine go ahead and publish it.

Click on the send icon next to the preview button to publish your post.
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Have i missed any relevant step?? let me know in the comment down below i would love to hear from you.


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