Blogger to Wordpress in 3 super Easy steps

Blogger to Wordpress in 3 super Easy steps 

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Are you tired of blogger ? 

Is this the right time that you have decided to get a self-hosted website ?

And you are worried that the time that you have spent and invest in building your blogger blog , while handling the stress in coming up with great-content will all go to waste ?

Ever wondered How to transfer all your content to wordpress without loosing anything?

You don't need to bother thinking that you will loose your existing content or anything else when migrating to wordpress beacuse wordpress will do all the magic needed to transfer all your content in your new site , and i will show you how in this post ,๐Ÿ˜

So let's dive right in ๐Ÿ˜Š!!

Get to your wordpress dashboard , in the left sidebar just after the  button you will see tools click on it to expand its children elements then click on import and the result will be like the one on the screenshot below, 

wordpress dashboard

1. Choose which platform to import From.

import platforms

As you can see wordpress has a bunch of options from diffrent platforms ,
 it might be confusing to see wordpress itself in the options but that means if you have another site in wordpress and you want to for some reasons to transfer all your content to your current site.
  So now that we want to import from blogger let's click on blogger.

wordpress import process

2. Backup your content from blogger.

To import your blogger content you need to backup your files from Blogger in an Xml file.

Now before proceeding we need to go to our blogger dashboard and backup our content.

a.Goto Blogger Dashboard
b. navigate to settings 
scroll down to manage blog and click import you should see something like this.

blogger settings

click backup and that will automatically. generate or download your blogger xml save it and name it whatever you like.

Then we head back to the wordpress tab to pick up from where we left off.

c.Upload your Xml file

After clicking on blogger you will see as the  screenshot below click on the rectangle-like box below or open your file explorer to drag the xml file in ,
wordpress will from then analyze the file and to make sure its your file it will tell you something like "there is only one author on your blogger site ,because you are the only author on 'Your website name' therefore all will be assigned to you " atleast that what it says to me as you can see in the screenshot below.
then click  start import.

It will automatically start importing your content including:  post , comments , tags and of course images .
For 1-100 blog post it takes less than a minute to import but after that it really depends on the amount of content you have in your blogger the high the amount of content the higher the time it will take to import all your content.
After which it will then say "your content have been imported successfully ".

Here is how my imported content looks like 

1.This one of my Blog post on blogger now with the import it's also in wordpress .

2.wordpress will imports the content together with the images so you don't have to redo anything over. will also imports every single one of your comments.

So that's it guys let me know if  have ever tried migrating to wordpress or any other platform in the comments.



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