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Blogging platforms 
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So finally you decided to step up and start a blog  ,

 You want a world of your own where nobody has to tell you what to do and how to do it.

I mean we all want that !!!

So that is why I've compiled a list of the best blogging platform to kick-start your journey as a blogger in 2020.

While all these platforms  have their own quirks and differences, they still offer the best services and anything needed to start writing about your passion  online.

So Here are 4 free blogging platforms that will help put your passion  online  and create your first blog.


blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog

Developed by Evan Williams launched in August 2012 is an online publishing company own by medium corporation,

medium is platform that is a home for all and a diverse array of stories ,

medium is an easy place to get recognise and build more social media followings if you write great content , 

Usually content in medium that are well thought-out are featured on mediums Top stories page
You can follow people and diffrent publications .

To know more about medium head over to medium.


blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog

founded by David Karp in Feb 2007 with Jeff D'onofrio as the CEO  recently sold to yahoo for $1 billion dollar tumblr is still one of the most popular micro-blogging and social Media networking service .

being a micro-blogging service the style of  blogging on tumblr is short , frequent post normally longer than twitter updates.

it naturally appeals to anyone not willing to manage a time-consuming  full-fledge blog. it really is a good  representation of what a micro-blogging is.

want to find out more head over to tumblr  About Us page.


blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog

Edublog as the name implies , Edublog is popularly and  widely use blogging platform for educational  services .

 whether you are a teacher or a student  Edublog is for you as it lets you create and manage educational blogs , with Edublog  you can share content , videos and even podcast,

it is founded back in 2005 Currently, Edublog powers more than 2million blogs worldwide.
To create your free blog visit Edublog.


blogging platform , blogging , bloggers , blogger,  blog, create a blog

Blogger Is one of the major blogging platform out there. it was develop by pyra labs which was later bought by google in 2003 .

Because of the years it spend in the industry there are thousands of free and paid templates out there which you can choose from , and customize  to make your blog look more elegant.

with it's user-friendly interface you're able to create ,manage and publish your post with ease.

The good thing about blogger is that it allows you to create and manage  100's of blogs with a  single user account , which is very useful  if your are blogging in more than one niche  all you need is a google account and you are all set .
Head over to Blogger to know more. personal recommendations is go for blogger.

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Have I miss any Blogging platform that is worth mentioning Let me know in the comments section below.

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