Why your business need a website

With the advent of the world wide web, customer behaiviour have changed accordingly to adapt to the digital era.

According to statista almost 5 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020 , encompassing 59% of the global population.

Internet is a core pillar of the modern information society.

However, with the widespread of smartphones and mobile devices your customers are more than likely to used the  internet atleast 2 hours a day.

And pew research center just did a research and found out that 28% of american adults were reported to go online almost constantly.
and overall 81% of americans say they go online on a daily basis.

Social medias are a great way to advertise your business ,it offers alot of benefits that gives you total control  over audience targetting.

But Your online presence is better felt if you can identify yourself with a website

Want to know what benefits website offers for businesses ?

of course you do !!!

1. Brand awareness
 Having a website for your business can increase your brand awareness 

2.customer education.

It will help deliver information in a well-optimised, detailed  and consistent way, and it will help in notifying  your customers on recent updates about your company

3. Expand your territory

A website can help you break geographical barriers set between countries with an internet connection to help potential customers access it from all over the world. however , selling your products is easiar and cheaper.

4. Gain Reputation

 By demonstrating your expertise and knowledge in your area of work through Quality Blog post and articles to help your customers understand your business , it will help you become the expert in the eyes of potential customers.

6. Add credibility to your business.

 Having a website is inperative in the world were almost everyone has a snartphone or any other mobile devices and that almost 59% of the people are active internet users , potential customers spend time seraching for products and businesses on their smartphones.

7. Get in touch with customers.

Having a website for your business can help you connect with your customers / prospects easily , autoresponders and forms help processed information request via online automatically 24/7.

8.Finding potential Employees

 You can use your website to announce job oppotunities for avilable position and applucant can register/apply online easily.

9. Less Time More working hours.

A website can increase your productivity by spending less time explaining product and services because the information that a potential customer neeeded to make an informed decision is available 24/7.

Have you launch a website for your business yet ?

Do you already have an existing website that you work on ?

I will love to take a look at it......

Drop the link in the comment section below.


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