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12 Audience Building tools : get more clients

12 Audience Building tools : get more clients. Photo by  fauxels  from  Pexels Here are some of the Blogging tools that will help you build audience some of them go beyond audience Building and i have explained each and the features it come with, There are a lot of other cool stuffs that you can do with many of them here. 1. Albacross Want to know some information about your website visitors Albercross blogging tool allows you to monitor and gather information about the organizations behind your website visitors including industry location ,revenue , size and even contact details. With this kind of details you have more than enough resource to do email marketing campaigns and build more partnership. 2. HubSpot's Free Marketing Tools This blogging tool help you monitor which blog post should be optimized and which topics you should be writing about ,to promote your content in targeted facebook ads, instagram ,linkedIn and google ads with its free ad tool. it also include email marke

9 ways to stay motivated as a writer/blogger

9 ways to stay motivated as a blogger / writer   Do you feel unmotivated sometimes ? Yeah especially when I got stuck and have a handful of ideas running through my head, but just can't come up with a blog post for the week ,                                                                                            Sometimes I feel like I can't do anything productive, because motivation is what get you up at the morning , it's what makes you work late at Night , and also what keeps you determined and moving forward when things gets tough it always drives you towards a common Goal. But staying motivated isn't that easy  We always have that natural aversion to persistent efforts that  no amount of caffeine or inspirational posters can fix.    But overtime  I tried to follow this steps in order find a solution to this common problem. feel free to try them , and let me know what works well with you😇 1.  SET SMART GOALS. Now I know when it comes to motivation almost what e

What is a blog? How it all started.

  What is a blog What is a Blog? How it all started. Before 2009, Blogs are often simple diary-style like text entries , and a medium through which the authors produce often informal aggregated amount of content ( known as post ) that appears in the Newest-to-oldest sort of way.  Most Blogs were run by a small group of people or individuals covering  a specific topic or subject-line.  History of Blog. Before blogging start to become admired by young writers, Digital communities have tried many forms of communication  including CompuServe ,Genie and Bulletin board system. In the late 1990's webEx, an internet forum software created running conversations with thread. A topical connection between messages on a board metaphorically known as a "corkboard".  Blog has become an online diary between 1994 to 2001  where diarist ( bloggers now ) post about their personal life on the one page webring some called themselves jounalist or jounaler's and a few escribitionist.  This