What is a blog? How it all started.

What is a blog

What is a Blog? How it all started.

Before 2009, Blogs are often simple diary-style like text entries , and a medium through which the authors produce often informal aggregated amount of content ( known as post ) that appears in the Newest-to-oldest sort of way. 

Most Blogs were run by a small group of people or individuals covering  a specific topic or subject-line.

 History of Blog.

Before blogging start to become admired by young writers, Digital communities have tried many forms of communication  including CompuServe ,Genie and Bulletin board system.

In the late 1990's webEx, an internet forum software created running conversations with thread. A topical connection between messages on a board metaphorically known as a "corkboard". 

Blog has become an online diary between 1994 to 2001  where diarist ( bloggers now ) post about their personal life on the one page webring some called themselves jounalist or jounaler's and a few escribitionist. 

This practice was also encouraged by the earliest blogger Justin Hall who began 11years of personal blogging while a Student at swarthmore college.

And because of the rise in blog publishing tools like open-diary , slash dot,   live journal by brad Fitzpatrick in March 1999, blogger by Google ,medium by Evan Williams and many more out there 

Now blogging has become more popular than you can ever imagine and it's not just an online diary anymore 

And because of the rise in blog publishing tools Now blogging has become more popular than you can ever imagine 

 Difference between a website and a Blog 

A website the collection of related pages and content that is publicly accessible over the worldwide web.

Website content are usually static and it's contents are organize in pages Where as blogs are dynamic and it's contents are organize on a reverse chronological order so that the most recent post appear at the top.

Blogs could change anytime most blogs publish new content Every week some even new content everyday.

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How do blogger's make money?

There are many ways that blogger's make money and most of which include an affiliation with a third party company , some of which include displaying advertisements which I know you might have stumbled across countless of time on some blogs,  but the income doesn't just stop there, there are tons of ways that blogger's get paid which include.,


 Participating in affiliate programs by recommending products to their user's to earn a commission whenever the reader buys through their links.

Sponsored post by reaching out to brands.

Can I start a Blog?

Yes of course and thanks to Web hosting services like WordPress that made it easy to create websites and blogs with a simple clicks, earlier in the 90's you have to code it yourself and believe it's hard to come with one,  Don't even get me started on the designs ,


Now with WordPress powering over 30 percent of the web, you can create  your website or blog however you want it Using their hosted solution or self-hosted WordPress but I recommend going with the self-hosted solution as it  give you access to all of WordPress features and make money from your blog with liberty without having to worry about anything.


There are a couple of things you need to set of your WordPress blog.


1.       domain name : This will be the name that your blog will be identified with over the internet for example www.google.com is the domain name of the Google Search engine.

Check out : easy ways to pick the perfect Blog name 

2. A web hosting account : where your blog files resides.


A domain name will normally cost you about $12/year and an additional $8/month for the hosting and this will seem a lot for someone just starting out.


That is why we got affiliated with bluehost and they were kind enough to offer  a free domain name and a $3.95  per month hosting , which is massive and you got to save almost $18. You can claim this offer by clicking below

 500 Blog name ideas that arouse curiosity

Hopefully this post had answered some of your questions about blogging  and helps you get to know more about blogs and websites if you like this I will appreciate it if you could drop your thoughts in the comments section below.


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